Motivational Interviewing 
Advanced Level Course

This interactive eLearning course is designed for facilitators of behaviour change who are working with clients. The course is suitable for those who have completed our Introductory and Intermediate Level MI courses, and who have developed a solid understanding of MI through other previous experience, and who are interested in further developing their MI knowledge and skills. 

It includes videos and simulation based scenarios to embed the skills development components of the course. The course uses a learning path approach and will prove very useful for:

  • Counsellors 
  • Therapists
  • Addiction service personnel
  • Social workers 
  • Health behaviour change professionals
  • Mental health professionals 
  • Doctors 
  • Nurses
  • Sports therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Those involved in education and training
  • Youth service workers
  • Employment service personnel
  • Those working in the criminal justice arena  
  • Community development workers 
  • Homelessness services personnel
  • Those working in social inclusion areas

and anyone who is interested in helping people to make positive change in their circumstances or behaviour.

Course Aims and Objectives:

This eLearning course aims:

  • To introduce you to a range of MI skills necessary to promote change talk
  • To teach you to manage client sustain talk and discord (resistance)
  • To explore a range of skills, exercises and techniques useful for evoking hope and confidence
  • To develop techniques for strengthening client confidence
  • To enable you to acquire the skills necessary to move from evoking to change planning
  • To explore a useful framework for delivering MI interventions
  • To teach you the skills necessary to use MI in brief interventions

Expected Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this eLearning course, participants will demonstrate:

  • An awareness of the advanced concepts of Motivational Interviewing
  • A range of skills for promoting discrepancy with clients concerning behaviour change
  • An ability to resolve client ambivalence and move towards positive behaviour change
  • A sound knowledge of the strategies needed to promote and reinforce change talk
  • A range of skills for dealing with sustain talk, discord and client resistance
  • A confidence in promoting and sustaining client commitment for change
  • Confidence in the ability to jointly develop client change plans
  • An awareness of a useful framework for delivering MI interventions
  • A range of skills necessary for using MI in brief interventions 


Each person who successfully completes this Motivational Interviewing Advanced Level Course will receive a certificate signed by the appropriate professional course tutor. This certificate can then be used to show evidence of course completion and for Continuing Professional Development requirements. Your log in details will be emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase completion. If you do not receive your log in details within 48 hours, please check your spam filter or junk email folder.

When purchasing a Motivational Interviewing course, please ensure that you include your Full Name on the payment details page as this will be the name that appears on your certificate upon successful completion of the course.