Interpersonal Skills Courses

Online Solutions offer a broad range of off the shelf Interpersonal Skills eLearning training courses. So what do we mean by Interpersonal Skills? Such skills refer to the qualities, behaviours and attributes needed to succeed in the workplace. They encompass an individual’s ability to listen well, communicate effectively, be positive, manage conflict, accept responsibility, show respect, build trust, work well with others, manage time effectively, accept criticism, work under pressure, be likeable, and demonstrate good manners.

Interpersonal skills are now recognised as key to making organisations more effective and better places to work. Increasingly, organisations aren't just assessing their current staff and future recruits on their professional knowledge and skills. They are now assessing them on a whole host of interpersonal skills competencies around how well they relate to, and communicate with others. 

Organisations also require staff to have  well developed written skills so that their correspondence, including emails, doesn't undo all the good work their face-to-face communication creates. Good interpersonal skills also include the ability of people to balance the needs of their organisation with the individual needs of their staff. Being flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs of an organisation also qualify as interpersonal skills, as do being able to collaborate with others and influence situations through lateral and more creative thinking. Our range of online delivered interpersonal skills courses are designed to meet these needs.

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Anger Management

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Our Anger Management course identifies the causes of anger and provides practical effective anger management techniques that can be used by participants immediately and on an ongoing basis. 

Appreciative Inquiry

appreciative inquiry thumbnail

Our Appreciative Inquiry course will teach you how to focus on finding the best in people and how to ensure that they can then use it to function more effectively in their work and everyday life. 

Assertiveness and Self Confidence

assertiveness and self confidence thumbnail

Our Assertiveness and Self Confidence course will give you the strategies for handling conflict, communicating assertively and developing relationships that can be applied both at work and in your personal life.

Change Management

change management thumbnail

Our Change Management course will help you identify the external and internal forces that cause change. You will also gain the knowledge to understand how others react to change and how to effectively lead them through the process.

Coaching and Mentoring

coaching and mentoring thumbnail

Designed for supervisors and managers to enable them to develop effective coaching and mentoring skills. Our course has an emphasis on developing techniques to manage individuals and teams to achieve their objectives.

Communication Strategies

communication strategies thumbnail

Developing a communication strategy is vital to ensuring your key messages are reaching your staff, stakeholders and clients. This course covers the complete process of building a comprehensive communication strategy.

Creative Problem Solving

creative problem solving thumbnail

Our Creative Problem Solving course will give you an overview of the entire creative problem-solving process, as well as key problem-solving tools that you can use every day.

Creating a Great Webinar

creating a great webinar thumbnail

This course will teach you best practice for creating a great webinar and the common mistakes to avoid. You will also learn how to build better, more engaging content so attendees come back again and again.

Critical Thinking

critical thinking thumbnail

This Critical Thinking course will teach you techniques of analysis and comprehension that put you in a better position to formulate complex arguments and clearly express yourself. 

Customer Service

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Our Customer Service course is designed to allow you to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to offer excellent customer care. You will learn how best to engage with customers and how to handle their enquiries effectively.

Delivering Constructive Criticism

delivering constructive criticism thumbnail

Whether as a manager, supervisor, or team leader, delivering constructive criticism can be a tough challenge.  Our course will teach you how to give employees constructive criticism without hurting feelings, damaging esteem, or shutting down motivation. 

Developing Creativity 

developing creativity thumbnail

Our course in Developing Creativity will help your organisation to innovate by creating a culture in which you get the best from people by encouraging them to be at their most creative.

Employee Motivation

employee motivation thumbnail

This Employee Motivation course will help supervisors, managers and team leaders create a more dynamic, loyal, and energised workforce. It will help you to understand what employees want and enable you to get the most out of those you work with.

Facilitation Skills

facilitation skills thumbnail

Our Facilitation Skills training course is designed for anyone who is involved in facilitating groups whether as part of a formal meeting, a training course or general facilitation of groups of individuals in the workplace.

Meeting Management 

meetings management thumbnail

This Meeting Management course will teach you what to do before, during, and after meetings in order to get more results instead of more meetings. You will also learn about group dynamics and how to manage tough situations and difficult participants.

Negotiation Skills

negotiation skills thumbnail

Our Negotiation Skills course will help you refine your personal skills and behaviours as an effective negotiator. You will also learn how to deal with difficult situations and interpersonal conflict during the negotiation process.

Organisational Skills

organisational skills thumbnail

This Organisational Skills training course will teach you effective techniques to organise your time and tasks better.  You will learn how to remove distractions, overcome procrastination, break up tasks, create deadlines and improve self-discipline.

Presentation Skills

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Our Presentation Skills course will help you develop the confidence and capability to give good presentations and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well. You will also find the course extremely helpful for self-development and social situations.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

risk assessment and risk management thumbnail

This Risk Assessment and Risk Management training course will identify key themes in risk assessment and explore how you can plan to manage risk in practice in order to create a safe and positive working environment.

Stress Management

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Our Stress Management training course will help you to recognise the impact of excess pressure on yourself and others. The course is designed to help employees and managers better deal with the pressures of the modern workplace.

Supervising Others

supervising others thumbnail

This Supervising Others training course is designed to train new supervisors in how to successfully transition from being a team member to their new position. Those who already have a supervisory role will learn how to improve their supervisory skills and confidence.

Train the Trainer 

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Our Train the Trainer course is designed to be an introduction to training and is suitable for anyone who has to deliver training on a one-to-one and small group basis. It will equip you with the skills to design and deliver short training sessions.