Professional Skills Courses

Online Solutions specialise in providing training to those who work in the areas of behaviour change, health care, addictions, criminality, restorative practice and social inclusion. We offer a range of professional development eLearning courses authored by experts and designed to help you acquire and update essential key skills for your work related roles. We are constantly adding to our range of professional skills courses to keep you up to date with new and emerging evidence based training. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is quite simply a means of supporting people in the workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. It is an ongoing process throughout our working lives.

CPD can be part of an individual’s personal ambition to be a better practitioner, enhance his/her career prospects or to simply feel more confident about their work and make it more personally fulfilling. It can be a step on the ladder to higher qualifications or enhanced job prospects or be required by professional bodies to maintain professional status. It can be part of meeting targets set by workforce performance management schemes or an opportunity for individuals to change their career paths.

At Online Solutions the range of professional development courses that we offer to achieve these ambitions is diverse, flexible and varied. They can be as simple as developing practical skills through highly focused short courses or they may be designed to increase theoretical knowledge and in-depth understanding.

Your login details for your chosen Motivational Interviewing or other Professional Development courses will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment. If you have not received your login details within 48 hours, please check your spam or junk mail folder. To find additional information in relation to purchasing and enrolling in our Motivational Interviewing or Professional Development courses, please visit our FAQ page.

If you wish to purchase multiple courses for your staff we can offer you a special discount. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Motivational Interviewing - Introductory Level

Motivational Interviewing - Introductory Level

This introductory level course in Motivational Interviewing (MI) is designed for anyone with an interest in knowing more about this approach. The course will provide you with a solid introduction to the theory and processes of MI.

Motivational Interviewing - Intermediate Level

Motivational Interviewing - Intermediate Level

This intermediate level course in MI is for those who have already completed our introductory course. It teaches the core skills and strategies for use with those who can benefit from making positive change in their behaviours or circumstances.

Motivational Interviewing - Advanced Level

Motivational Interviewing - Advanced Level

This advanced level course in MI is for those who have already completed our intermediate level course. It will teach you the advanced skills of MI in dealing with sustain talk (resistance) and how best to promote change talk with your clients.

Advanced Skills in Restorative Practice

Advanced Skills in Restorative Practice thumbnail

Our advanced level course in Restorative Practices will introduce you to processes and strategies dealing with more complex restorative concepts. You will learn advanced RP strategies and you will gain an understanding of a range of restorative processes for managing more challenging behaviour and working with difficult scenarios.

An Introduction to Restorative Practice

An Introduction to Restorative Practice thumbnail

Our foundation level course in Restorative Practices will give you an understanding and overview of restorative concepts. You will learn effective RP strategies and you will gain an understanding of a range of restorative processes for managing behaviour and encouraging acceptance of responsibility.

Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy thumbnail

This course will provide you with an introduction to the theory and practice of brief cognitive-behaviour therapy (BCBT) with particular emphasis on briefer time-limited engagements with clients.

Community Reinforcement Approach

Community Reinforcement Approach thumbnail

This course will show you how CRA integrates several treatment components. These include building the client’s motivation to quit, analysing the client’s using pattern and increasing positive reinforcement.

Solution Focused Brief Interventions

Solution Focused Brief Interventions thumbnail

This course will be useful for those who work with people who need to increase their motivation to make positive behavioural change. It has been used in areas such as substance misuse, health behavior change, offending behavior, long-term unemployment and social inclusion areas.

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention thumbnail

This course is designed to teach you how to bring practices of mindful awareness to individuals who have suffered from the addictive trappings and tendencies of the mind. MBRP practices are intended to foster increased awareness of triggers and “automatic” reactions that seem to control many of our lives.

Structured Relapse Prevention

Structured Relapse Prevention thumbnail

This Structured Relapse Prevention (SRP) course will help you to equip clients with the skills and knowledge needed to learn how to cope with daily substance use triggers and risk situations.